Increase capacity of existing pipelines (liquid and gas)

DragX is a novel nano composite material that can be easily applied on long pipeline lengths creating a low friction surface resulting in increased flow, lower pressure loss and lower energy consumption.  Flow increases of 20% or more are possible for gas, liquid or multi-flow pipelines. DragX nano-scale molecular structures fill in and coat microscopic nooks and crannies in the pipe surface in a way that is not possible with conventional coatings.  DragX provides an omniphobic, chemically inert, low-friction surface and is effective at a thickness of just 2 mils.

Applications on Long Pipeline Segments

Rescue Pipeline Services has perfected application procedures for DragX derived from proven insitu epoxy application procedures. Field trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of the modified pig batch application techniques to apply DragX uniformly over long pipeline lengths. The unique material handling properties allow for application on virtually any diameter pipeline and on pipeline lengths of 20 miles or more.

Benefits of Internal Flow Coating

·         Improved pipeline efficiency

·         Increased throughput & lowered power consumption

·         Reduced pressure loss

·         Maintain flow capacity for de-rated pipelines

·         Eliminated need for continuous injection of Drag Reducing Agents

·         Eliminated need for injection equipment and maintenance

·         Reduce buildup of contaminates, wax and asphaltenes on pipe walls

·         Reduced formation of black powder

·         No adverse effects on purity of the fluids transported

·         Effective for all flow regimes and products (Liquid, gas and multi-flow)

·         Faster pigging & less frequent scrapping

It is now possible for significant increases in pipeline capacity, reduced pressure loss and energy conservation for existing pipelines. No longer a Pipe Dream!