Pipe-Cleanse is a powerful, alkaline cleaner/degreaser specifically designed to emulsify oil and grease common to the pipeline and storage tank industries. It has no flash point and is environmentally safe. It contains a blend of state of the art surfactants and natural solvents, which enable it to quickly and effectively remove petrochemical soils.

Pipe-Cleanse provides exceptional cleaning performance in the removal of both animal fats and petroleum-based soils. It is especially designed for cost-effective cleaning of pipelines and aboveground storage tanks. Pipe-Cleanse contains d-limonine a natural citrus solvent with a pleasant citrus fragrance.


Pipe-Cleanse is an excellent pipeline cleaning detergent and is very effective in pig batch method cleaning applications. Pipe-Cleanse is field tested to efficiently clean all types of hydrocarbon products with dilution ratios from 4:1 to 10:1. Ask your sales representative for dilution recommendations. Ideal for:

  • Removing hydrocarbons prior to hydrotesting
  • Cleaning prior to smart pig inspection to increase inspection results
  • Pipeline abandonment 
  • Change of service


  • Drilling rigs
  • Frac tanks
  • Above ground storage tank
  • Metal fabrications
  • Engines and Parts washing
  • Trucks and Heavy equipment